Ethical, Guaranteed Service

Here at EC we function by the same code of ethics set out by the National Council of Nonprofits and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.  We also stand behind our belief that charitable missions carried out within small organizations should never be penalized because of the size of the annual budget.  For that reason, we offer a 7-point guarantee to reassure the parties responsible for organizations' financial well-being that their payment for service will be put to good use.

Pricing of Services

When EC enters into a new relationship with an organization, the initial retainer amount covers time spent defining the needs of your organization and the services to be performed by EC. Our price list suggests typical amounts for each type of task we anticipate you may need at one time or another.  Not all organizations are the same, so we don't expect every project to take equal amounts of time, and we will price each project accordingly.

After you are sure that the EC Project Manager thoroughly understands the job to be done, you will be provided a custom addendum describing the scope of work. Upon EC’s receipt of the signed addendum, work begins.

If substantial changes are needed between outset and completion, EC will revisit our defition of the job to be done and undergo consult meetings so that everyone can be clear about expected results.

The Founders

Luke and Joy Ellsworth have collectively spent over two decades helping organizations fine-tune internal operations.  A long personal history of volunteer involvement in the nonprofit sector and assisting small business owners to optimize productivity and cost margins laid the groundwork for organizational expertise.  After Joy earned a master's degree in public administration and Luke retired from a career in communications technology management in 2013, the two decided to join forces as consultants. The result was a business services company that works just as effectively with nonprofit organization needs as it does with small startup needs.

Call (913) 522-3529 to find out how EC can help you reach sustainability.