Strategic Planning Services

Funding and investments follow organizations which advertise a sound strategy.  Plotting the way forward in a changing business environment can be a daunting task, whether an entire board is doing the planning, or just one person is at the helm. EC has the resources, information, training and facilitators to make change less of a challenge.

Success Stories

Downtown Historic District of Willow Springs - Willow Springs, MO (2015)

DHDWS is a new nonprofit organization set on increasing economic opportunities for local business owners making downtown Willow Springs their place of business. EC helped to write a grant awarding capacity training to the new organization for two years. The EC team prepared founding legal documents for filing with the Secretary of State, filed the organization's registration, organized and presented at a community information meeting recruiting volunteers and board members, appeared before City Council three times soliciting different forms of support, and walked the streets of downtown Willow Springs fundraising from selected likely supporters. The team gathered up to $900 of local monetary support per day of local fundraising effort. EC continues to strategize regularly with the founder on upcoming events.

Ozark Farmers Agricultural Co-operative - West Plains, MO (2014)

This project for West Plains-based Trillium Trust is a USDA-funded feasibility study about the likelihood of future expansion success of 20 farmers who produced 300,000 tomatoes in 2013 and sold out. The group would like to do more but needs to know the right way and right places to expand. The project is supervised by a stellar project manager with a long record of success spurring on rural economic activity. Working alongside Trillium's team of grant administrators, EC is providing the primary researcher and study coordinator.
See more about OFAC, and more about Trillium Trust.

All Saints Episcopal Church - West Plains, MO (2014)

For an aging and dwindling congregation with a heritage that is unparalleled in the Southern Missouri Ozarks, serving the congregation is of primary concern. The question is: what programs would keep the church's character intact while enticing extended family members to grace the historic red oak door once again? An environmental survey is the first step to finding the answer, and the next step is setting up easily-implementable systems to back up the new programs. EC is up to the task.
Find out more about All Saints here.

Mary McCravy Art - Mountain View, MO (2014)

When Mary retired from a long career as an arts education administrator with MO-DESE, she wanted to spend more time doing what she loves—watercolor and fiber artwork. But when she looked around her house, she saw hundreds of paintings and not a lot of room to put new works. She needed to sell paintings.

With EC's help, Mary is now a featured artist on, a site where she can sell past and future paintings to customers across the world. EC handled the professional photography of her artwork, the creation of digital media for online listings, and creation of social media promotions sites.
Check out Mary's artwork here.

The Learning Station (Willow Springs Community Foundation) - Willow Springs, MO (2014)

For this newly renovated historic building, the Willow Springs Community Foundation had the best of intentions to fully utilize the space within. However, with an all-volunteer setup and grandiose ideas, few of the board's decisions were being enacted.

During this project, EC analyzed the running environment of the originally-offered public services; organized and inventoried current assets; analyzed the standing market for community education, printing services and event rental; synthesized a best-case scenario for programs to be offered using current assets; synthesized a low-cost marketing plan, maximizing the value created by the location (the city's busiest intersection); implemented the beginning stages of the marketing plan, including web design, social media integration, print advertising design and media representation; researched and wrote a Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credit Application, and assisted a local fundraiser to renovate the Willow Springs Community Foundation's historic theater.
See Willow Springs Community Foundation in action here.

Mountain View Trade School - Mountain View, MO (2013)

This educational nonprofit is the result of a founder's dream of creating a vocational training center to serve students in remote rural areas far from established universities, community colleges or trade schools. Starting a nonprofit, much less an educational institution, involves complex preparations, so EC was chosen to help plan and implement an effective startup.

Starting with business planning, EC helped MVTS identify ideal board members, set up policies and governance systems, adopt a strategic plan, register the nonprofit business and apply for 501c3 status. EC also provided logo design, a branding plan and website planning. The organization is still growing resources to fully develop their plans.

tech smallInternal Process Consulting

EC helps companies fine-tune their processes, eliminate waste and create a highly efficient work environment. Does your expansion mean adding HR personnel or new management? EC will hone leadership performance with conference-style or on-site training.

Success Stories

Ozark Plateau, Inc. - Mountain View, MO (2013)

Ozark Plateau, Inc. is a small business based in Mountain View, Missouri, specializing in graphic products such as vinyl signs, stone engraving and screen printing. When the owner wanted to expand into sublimation printing on aluminum plates, he identified veterans and their families as the market niche most meaningfully significant to him and his background as a US Navy veteran.  EC assisted Ozark Plateau, Inc. employees and owner with concept design and implementation, including branding, e-commerce site design, PayPal integration and a social media promotion plan.

When Ozark Plateau, Inc. experienced an unexpected technology breakdown, EC was also able to manage the emergency, find quality inexpensive replacement hardware, install new computer system components, update operating systems for virus protection purposes, and successfully integrate decades-old printing hardware with the new computer system. Emergency averted!
Check out Ozark Plateau, Inc.'s Flag Case Art site here.

WGI, Inc. - Indianapolis, IN (2010)

When a youth services nonprofit decided to pursue an earned-income venture via on-demand sales of DVDs produced and delivered to participants the day after performance events, EC was there to help. EC designed a streamlined procedure that prepared WGI to smoothly handle an unexpected swell of demand during the Spring product kickoff at their internationally-attended annual Spring events in Dayton, OH.
Find out more about WGI, Inc. here.

Portrait Studio 101 - Olathe, KS (2008)

For a mom & pop small business operating within an outlet mall, cash flow was king. Lags in business between holidays cut deeply into the business' bottom line. EC analyzed back-room operations, customer service, and administrator practices before suggesting subtle changes in internal operations. The changes helped to double the studio’s customer base within a year of implementation.
Check out their continued work here.